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Applications of Post-Tensioning Thread Bar

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Post Tensioning Thread Bar can be used for a variety of temporary and permanent construction applications.

Typical permanent applications include the connection of girders and piers in segmental bridge construction. In the case of permanent applications the systems is usually to be delivered with a full corrosion protection accessory system.

Post-tensioning thread Bar are also frequently usued on construction sites for temporary applications such as heavy lifting and stitching of precast elements and anchoring of steel frame supports.

Typical Applications:

● Post-tensioning of Concrete Structures

● Heavy Lifting

● Hanger and Suspension Rods

● Steel or Concrete Structure Connection

● Pile Testing

● Ground Anchors and Soil Nails

● Min and Micro Piles

● Rock Bolts

● Form Ties

● Tie Rods

● Seismic Restraint Systems

● Sheet Pile Ties and Tie-backs

● Ground Anchors

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