Use of hot-dip galvanized bolts

The method is very simple and effective, mainly using rubber band to increase friction, so that the screw can be taken out smoothly.
But this screw hole has been destroyed by you to become a hole in the hole may not be useful, after all, the area of the card can be worn away.
Hot-dip galvanized power bolt
First, to screw rust or stop some parts of pine agent, specializing in selling, if you do not want to buy the first oil to give him loose, then knock with a wooden hammer tapping, slow slow twist, as long as the Kung Fu deep screw screw motion.
Two: drill back with an electric drill against a screw, simply and directly
Three: wet with carbonated beverages, because of the chemical reaction of the carbonic acid and the rusty screw iron oxide, the screw can be loosened.
Four: the head part of the screwdriver on the fire red, then quickly at the top of the screw, so ten or so, so that it can be screwed out, this is generally not desirable.
Five: make a deep hole with a small screw drill in the middle lane of flowers, and then find a tap in the anti twist wire (must be anti wire tap, it is difficult to find, go to a big store, you can measuring and cutting tools) turned
Hot-dip galvanized power bolt
Six: clamp slowly let him out
Seven: the injection screw holes 502 with a small amount of glue, and then screw into the glue set and then clamp the screw screws out (so no screwdriver is afraid of lead screw tooth), to glue completely hardened it. (this operation is difficult to be careful)
Eight: use air gun, shooting out
Nine, with the method of electric welding, a long metal can be welded to the screw under the condition of protecting the hub, then the metal can be driven by wrench to turn the screw.
Ten, with the ion cutting machine (only for iron reaction), slowly high temperature to melt the screw, aluminum ring will not have something, may drop the paint;
Finally, in fact, psychological anti-theft anti-theft screws only play the role, so it must stop screwing tightly, in particular, it is best not to use air gun screw.

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Use of hot-dip galvanized bolts
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