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Spherical Hex Nut

  • Brand:Yidao
  • Standard:GB/T 20065-2016
  • Weight: kg/meter
  • Yield/Tensile [KN]:
  • Type:Hot Rolled
  • Material:Carbon Steel; Alloy Steel
  • Thread:Left Hand; Right Hand
  • Quality control: 100% quality inspected
  • Surface:Self Color; Zinc Plated; HDG; Epoxy Coating.
  • Application: Post-Tensioning; Formworks; Geotechnical; Ground Anchors Soil Nailing; Tunneling

Product description

Flat Hex Nut &Spherical Hex Nut

Hex nut is an important part of thread bar accessory, it is used in all kinds of highway, railway, municipal construction, large Bridges, soil nailing, foundation pit anchoring, slope anchoring and other engineering construction. Hex Nuts are flat nuts and Spherical nuts, flat nut (upper nut), Spherical nut (lower nut). Commonly used specification is divided into 20 mm, 25 mm and 32 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm, commonly used materials are divided into 45 #, 40 cr material, hardness value is between 28 and 35.  

Normal there are full hex nut and spherical hex nut used in construction. There is also lock nut, which is shorter and thinner than normal hex nut in the tensioning end.

Typical Application:

Flat nut is often used for fixed end, Spherical nut is often used for tension end.

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