Anchorage head for rebar

Product introduction

Anchorage head for rebar is an over-sized end anchor secured to the end of a length of reinforcing steel, creating anchorage within the concrete. This approach greatly simplifies rebar placement and reduces congestion.



Technique authority: CHIEF EDITOR of Chinese Headed Bar Standard JGJ256-2011. Provide the whole technical support, training and after-sales service.


1. Product Features 

* Designed and manufactured in compliance with ACI318, ACI352,JGJ256. 

* No special training required.

* Eliminates rebar hook - simplifies bar placement.

* Minimizes embedment lengths - reduces congestion.

* Simplifies concrete placement.

* Greater design flexibility.

* Faster installation lowers in-place costs.

* Available for standard rebar dimensions.

* Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 9001


2. Product Type

2.1 SYS A: Parallel Thread Rebar Splicing with Cold Upsetting End

(1) Cutting

(2) Cold upsetting

(3) Threading


2.2 SYS B: Parallel Thread Rebar splicing with Rolled Thread End 

(1) Cutting

(2) Stripping the rib and rolling thread



dams, subways, bridges, high-rises, water treatment plants, stadiums.
•     Saving & Reducing Steel
•     Fast & Easy installation
•     Replacing lapped rebar connection
An ideal solution for designers,contractors & steel fabricators.


Product information

Test Report

Product Application

The screw steel is widely used in the construction of civil engineering, such as houses, bridges, roads, etc. To highway, railway, bridges, culverts, tunnels, dams, flood control and other public facilities, small building foundation, beams, columns and walls, plates, rebar structure is indispensable material.
  • Building
  • Bridge
  • Road
  • Railway
  • Tunnel
  • Dam
  • Flood control dam
  • factory
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